What is Learning Night?


Learning Night is a TED-like speaker series where our coolest friends get together and give talks about topics they are passionate about.

Each night has 3 speakers who share something they’re passionate about—anything at all! It’s typically a 15 min talk + 5 min Q&A but speakers are free to make up their own format, and you don’t need credentials to give a talk. In the past we’ve had workshops, guided meditations, and music jam sessions. Other past talks have included topics like:

  • History of circumcision
  • Building your own particle accelerator at home
  • How to resolve relationship conflicts
  • Teaching a hip-hop class
  • Making GIFs in photoshop

Learning Night is founded on the principle that everyone has something you can learn from, a community where everyone is friendly and welcome. It’s the perfect opportunity for those new to public speaking to practice their skills in a low-pressure, informal environment, for people to come together and discover things they normally wouldn’t get to from their friends and other folks in their own communities.

Join your local chapter by clicking on the name of your city:

If you’re interested in starting your own chapter, or speaking at an established one, just let us know! Find us at team@learningnight.com.