What is Learning Night?


Learning Night is founded on the principle that everyone has something you could learn from. It’s a place for people to come together and discover things they normally wouldn’t get to from their friends and other folks in their own communities. Where curious minds gather to draw upon each other’s experiences, knowledge, and passions.

At each gathering, a number of speakers teach the group something new. Talks have been given on topics as interactive as how to make fresh pasta to ones as abstract as dealing with existential crises with logotherapy. The format is flexible, and you don’t need credentials to give a talk.

There are currently chapters in San Francisco, Mountain View (South Bay), Uptown TorontoDowntown TorontoWaterloo, Tokyo, Seattle, Singapore, Panama and Taipei. If you’re interested in starting your own chapter, or speaking at an established one, just let us know! Find us at team@learningnight.com.