How to Learn Chinese

by Daniel Arrizza at Sean’s Apartment, WAT

Chinese is a super international language. Chinese people, they’re everywhere and you should talk to them! But how? Daniel talks about his journey acquiring the language and gives tips. Learn Mandarin and Simplified Chinese using the Pleco dictionary by practising with people in real life or on the Internet with HelloTalk. Over-enunciate when starting and get a learning partner. With these tools and A LOT of practice, people will think you’re a genius for learning Chinese.


Breaking the Story

by Clarke Hernden at Sean’s Apartment, WAT

One of the biggest problems in writing, is figuring out “out of the infinite amount of directions this story can go, what should I break it down into?”. Clarke brings us through some examples from TV of how it can be done correctly and incorrectly.

Jingju: Peking Opera

by Mason Kuang at Sean’s Apartment, WAT

Opera is pretty hard to navigate for an outsider. It sounds, looks and feels foreign even if you’re from the culture that it originates from. Mason guides us through Jingju opera by showing it’s motivations, methods and some of the legendary actors that have brought it to fame.


Echo Chambers and Strategic Voting

by Alan Tsang at The Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience, WAT

Social networks are pretty homogeneous, which means that most of our contacts are just like us. How does this effect how we vote, especially when strategic voting comes into play? Alan shows us the models he built, the conclusion he reached and why he thinks it’s important to build models in the first place!