Learned Helplessness

by Josephine Yang at The Learning Loft, SF

An inside look through a depressed person’s eyes and, at one point, from a hospital psych wing. I will discuss depression under social and psychological lenses: methods of treatment, what makes it an illness and not an emotion, why it is just as crippling as physical chronic conditions, how to support people with depression.

Slides available on Prezi.

Play With My Tools – Designing Interaction at the Exploratorium

by Stephen Frey at The Learning Loft, SF

Last year, a team of 30 neuroscientists, engineers, designers, and artists created the world’s first interactive laboratory of brain technology at the Exploratorium museum. In this talk, I will offer an inside view into our design process, and takeaways for how to creatively communicate scientific topics

Slides available on Google Slides.

KPOP 101

by Byron Zhang & Robin Kuang at The Learning Loft, SF

Byron and Robin take you through the story of South Korea’s greatest export, from subculture to global phenomenon. We’ll reveal the seoul behind an industry that is at its best paradigm-shifting and culture-defining and at its worst distorting and hyper-sexualizing, and bring it all back to how it’s changed the minds of two young asians boys forever.

Slides Available

Surviving the Attention Economy

by Bill Mei at The Learning Loft, SF

With the Internet, we have ever more powerful tools at our disposal to communicate ideas and reach a wide audience. What happens when old media abuses this power to manipulate us into parting with our money? I’ll show you how to identify the tactics used by every organization today to steal your attention and how to defend against undue influence from someone with an agenda.

Slides Available