Adverse Selection

by Rudi Chen at Christina’s House

A talk that dissects adverse selection: situations where buyers have information that sellers do not have, or vice versa. With interactive activities and analysis, the speaker examines how information asymmetry affect car buying and health insurance. When insurance buyers have more information than insurance sellers: assume most life-insurance buyers have a high risk of death, the insurance company that charges an average price for life insurance will lose money.

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Currency Trading

by Yi Zhang at Christina’s House

Currency trading is the largest money market in the world. The market opens 24/5 and accommodates trillions of dollars of decentralized transactions per day. The speaker presents the basic framework and nomenclature in foreign exchange: bid, ask, spread, leverage. The types of orders that can be placed in a forex market includes: market order, exit order (take profit, stop loss, trailing stop), and entry order. Due to the relatively low fluctuations in currency, most forex traders hold a specific currency for a long time before trading.

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The Otaku Anime Industry

by Steven Arnott at Christina’s House, Waterloo

The speaker examined the otaku anime industry’s content, business models, and targeted consumers. For the male-dominated sub market, the anime foster a feeling of adoration (“moe”) in its viewers for the girls depicted. The industry as a whole produces content that appeals to niche avid followers rather than pleases the mass crowd. People tend to become increasingly invested into purchasing merchandize. Many viewers enjoy this genre because it reminds them of the happy and carefree times of high school and youth. Many accept this life style of anime over real people due the mentality of “it can’t be helped.”

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Your Thing is A Thing

by Krysta Traianovski at Rui’s Apartment

An interactive talk that ask the audience to come up with answers to insightful questions such as “what were you fascinated with when you were in kindergarten? What is the insight you have about your field of expertise?” Through these questions, the audience explored a more wholesome way to find fitting career options and to represent themselves in ways other than a cookie cutter resume.

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